Warranty Provision

Warranty Policies

We truly thank you for your purchase, and when things go wrong, we are here to help in any way that we are capable of doing so. Please reference the below information to help understand our warranty policies, and we hope to assist you in every way we possibly can.

Warranty Related Issues

Please note that HeliDirect is not a warranty repair center, nor do we offer warranties on certain items we resell. Your products purchased are subject to the original vendor’s repair/replacement warranty, and will be directed to this vendor at our discretion. HeliDirect will not assume responsibility and/or liability for any manufacturer defect, or damaged due the use/misuse of the product purchased.

If your item is found to have a fault or defect after installation or use, no matter what the purchase date may be, your product may be subject to warranty repair via the original manufacturer, as we do not cover repair, replacement or warranties on used/installed products.

For products related directly to HeliDirect, such as Outrage, HDX, KAOS, Esky, Walkera, and other such items distributed via HeliDirect, we will handle warranty procedures at the discretion of the original manufacturer, but will assume no responsibility for any losses, damages, injuries or otherwise associated with the use or misuse of these products. Please contact our customer service department for further information if such a situation arises.

Damage to Helicopter Kits due to Product Failure(s)

We absolutely hate it when a helicopter kit crashes due to a part failure, and will do our best to assist you in every way we can. Please understand that we are happy to warranty/replace any item within warranty that we carry, distribute or handle (below items excluded), but cannot offer replacements for damaged parts, batteries, blades, or any other component that may be damaged in a crash.

Products We Do Not Warranty

Please see the below list for products that we do not warranty after initial purchase, as these manufactures handle all repairs, replacements, and other such warranty related items. Even if your item was just purchased from our store, please note that these suppliers deal direct to the end user, and offer all warranty, repair & replacements. Thank you!

Futaba / Great Planes / Real Flight / Du Bro:
Warranty Supplier: Great Planes (217) 398-8970
Website Link: http://www.greatplanes.com/contact.html

Eflite / JR / Spektrum:
Warranty Supplier: Horizon Hobby (800) 338-4639
Website Link: http://www.horizonhobby.com/Horizon/ContactHorizon.aspx

Castle Creations:
Warranty Supplier: Castle Creations (913) 390-6939
Website Link: http://www.castlecreations.com/support.html

Scorpion Motors & ESC’s:
Warranty Supplier: Innovative Designs (760) 468-8838
Website Link: http://www.innov8tivedesigns.com/

Thunder Tiger:
Warranty Supplier: Great Planes (217) 398-8970
Website Link: http://www.greatplanes.com/contact.html

Thunder Power:
Warranty Supplier: Thunder Power (702) 228-8883
Website Link: http://thunderpowerrc.com/html/contact-us.php

Miniature Aircraft:
Warranty Supplier: Miniature Aircraft (406) 245-4883
Website Link: http://www.miniatureaircraftusa.com

KDE Direct:
Warranty Supplier: KDE Direct (contact@kdedirect.com)
Website Link: http://www.kdedirect.com/AboutKDEDirect.html

Curtis Youngblood Blades / Rave / Total G Gyros:
Warranty Supplier: Curtis Youngblood Enterprises (979) 779-2172
Website Link: http://www.curtisyoungblood.com/contact.php

Neu Motors:
Warranty Supplier: Neu Motors (858) 674-2250
Website Link: http://www.neumotors.com/Site/Contact_us.html

Warranty Supplier: Hitec RC USA (858) 748--8440
Website Link: http://www.hitecrcd.com/contact-us/service_repair.html

Skookum Robotics:
Warranty Supplier: Skookum Robotics (info@skookumrobotics.com)
Website Link: http://www.skookumrobotics.com/about.html

YS Engines:
Warranty Supplier: YS Engines (775) 267-9252
Website Link: http://www.ysengines.net/contact/

KME Engines:
Warranty Supplier: KME Engines (714) 881-1141
Website Link: http://www.kmeengines.com/Contact_Us.php

OS Engines:
Warranty Supplier: Great Planes (217) 398-8970
Website Link: http://www.greatplanes.com/contact.html


HeliDirect truly cares about every customer purchase, and we will do our absolute best when it comes to assisting you with a purchase, helping you with product questions, and helping you choose the components for your kit. As with everything, there are limitations, and here are ours, listed below.

HeliDirect shall assume no responsibility for injury, crash damage, loss of kits, engines, or other accessories during any aspect of radio controlled flight or otherwise. The end user shall be solely responsible for all final decisions with his/her parts selection, component setup, and final operation of kit at hand, and shall assume all risk & liability associated with the flight and or usage of the items purchased from HeliDirect.

Typographical Errors

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price, or with incorrect information/pictures due to a typographical website error, or an error in pricing or product information received from our suppliers, HeliDirect has the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price.

HeliDirect shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such order(s) whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, HeliDirect shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. With any listed product upon HeliDirect’s website, we hold the right to update, modify or delete information at our own choosing.

Credit Card/Debit Card Authorizations & Charges

All credit card/debit card transactions are processed at the request & approval of the card holder, either verbally or in word/document form. For any pending orders that have not been charged, credit cards on file will not be charged until approval is obtained. For any refunds made via credit cards, please allow 48 hours or more before the refund is posted within your account; HeliDirect is not liable for any delay in regards to processing time after any refund has been made, as this is based upon the bank that is affiliated with said credit card/debit card.

Copyright/Trademark Information

Information, whether it be pictures, descriptions, writing, or other intellectual property, is owned via HeliDirect, and all trademarks via HeliDirect are registered & copyrighted, and are not to be disseminated or infringed upon. Written permission must be obtained for any use of the images, information, products or other displayed items upon HeliDirect’s web based store.

Order Acceptance Policy

HeliDirect holds the right to modify, cancel or decline any order at any given time. As for orders placed via our site, whether phone or internet, we reserve the right to request photo ID & further credit card info to protect us from fraudulent orders. For any order lacking specific funding, whether a lack of shipping costs of error regarding payment, HeliDirect holds the right to hold said order till funds are released, or a cancellation is requested.

Pricing Errors

We do our very best to maintain accurate pricing via our website, but if an incorrect price is listed via our website, HeliDirect shall maintain the right to cancel, refuse or modify any price at our discretion. If an order has been confirmed with an incorrect price, HeliDirect has the right to cancel the order and refund the payment method immediately.

Battery Safety

Due to the inherent makeup of batteries (specifically Lithium Polymer batteries), the end user shall be held solely responsible for the safe use, handling, storage and care of all batteries purchased via HeliDirect. Damages, fires, injuries or otherwise will not be covered in any way, shape or form, nor shall HeliDirect be held responsible for any such faults, failures or otherwise.

HeliDirect will be more than happy to assist in any warranty related issues that are within our range of action, but will not be held responsible for any associated damages or otherwise when using these products.

Safety in Use of Products

Helicopter kits, by nature of design, are very complicated and unpredictable, and therefore can be highly dangerous, and in rare cases, lethal. Due to high centrifugal forces, high rotational speeds, vibrations, and other such aspects of flight, model helicopters can cause great harm when not flown properly – the safety of flight is within your hands, and your hands only.

It is the end users sole responsibility to establish all safety protocol when flying any RC related product, maintaining safety of himself/herself and all surrounding persons & property. HeliDirect shall assume no liability or responsibility for any injury, damage, or failure associated with the flight of any RC related item sold via HeliDirect, nor shall we assume any losses for such failures.